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With the explosion of information available on the internet it is very easy to experience information overload.


We are here to help you navigate through the ocean of information and find exactly the firearm to satisfy your requirements.


New Firearms basically fit three categories:

  1. “In Stock” – These Items we PHYSICALLY have on hand, ready to be purchased. All that is required is proper permitting and payment and they are yours
  2. “Available” – These items are not currently in our physical inventory but are available for immediate delivery from our distributors/manufacturers.  All firearms are required by law to be shipped fasted available, which in Hawaii means 2day Air. Our inventory availability is updated daily.
  3. “Must be Ordered” – The firearms industry is very much influenced by supply and demand. The most popular items are often back ordered a considerable amount of time and can only be shipped when available. However, we have many avenues of acquisition available to us and may be able to find what you need…just ask!

All prices shown are inclusive. There is no additional shipping, handling or tax charges tacked on!

All new firearms come with factory warranties. If there is a problem we will do our best to resolve all issues as quickly as possible. If we can’t fix it in house we will handle all phases of getting your firearm repaired. Shipping costs will be your only responsibility. We will give you our corporate rate on shipping, we are not here to make FedEx money.

Returns will only be accepted on “Unfired and in original packaging” firearms. There will be a 10% restocking fee. If you wish to return it “Used” by all means talk to us. We will try to give you a fair price for your used firearm. Realize, that we can only sell your return as a “used” firearm, and will not be able to offer you a retail price.


All used firearms purchased through WSA will be thoroughly inspected for  safety and reliability. All used firearms are sold As-Is. There are 2 types of used  firearms  available through WSA:

1. In Stock – These are items that we have purchased, inspected/cleaned/repaired, and are in stock for immediate purchase

2. Consignment – We also offer  firearms owned by others to be advertised/sold through WSA. The prices listed on these items are set by the owner and any warranties or claims are made by them and they are responsible for all aspects. We are simply a broker on these firearms much like the auction sites on the internet . We will do all we can to only offer the best quality firearms and make the transition from the original owner to you as seamless as  possible.

We do offer a one week  period in which to return a firearm if it passes a thorough inspection. All used firearms will be documented/photographed before leaving us, so it must be returned in the condition in which it was sold. There will be a %10 percent restocking fee.  If the firearm is not returned in the condition it left we reserve the right to deny a return/refund. Be honest with us, and we will be more than happy to work with you. While we may not be able to offer you a refund, we may be able to purchase it back from you with a fair offer. We will not accept any returns on consignment firearms. Please contact the original seller. However, we may be interested in purchasing it from you, so please don’t hesitate to ask.


The internet is a wonderful tool that has become invaluable to our society and we embrace it. By all means do as much research as possible! I hope we have provided you with a wealth of informational links to help you in your search for the right firearm for you. You can also find some incredible prices on auction sites and large online distributors. Of course be careful and prudent when purchasing online. Prices often do not include shipping, handling or taxes. Federal law requires fastest available shipping which to Hawaii is 2nd day air. Also, you will need to add on the FFL transfer fee.  We are more than happy to do transfers for $30.00. Volume pricing is available so don’t hesitate to ask. Of course we hope that you check with us first before you buy! We may be able to offer you a competitive offer. Of course all ATF and Hawaii State Laws apply. The purchaser must have the correct permits and Identification

All Firearms sold, bought or traded through White Shark Arms will be legal under both ATF and Hawaii State Law. We do not offer firearms classified under the National Fire Arms Act (NFA) or any firearms prohibited by the State of Hawaii. While there may be different interpretations on these laws to what is legal and what is not, we at WSA prefer to not operate in ‘gray’ areas. We have spoken with numerous legal analysts, LEO’s, local officials and our own corporate counsel. As of now we will not sell any handgun magazines over 10rds (not even in parts), we will sell high capacity “Rifle” magazines as allowed by law. Don’t even ask about SBR’s, select fire or assault pistols. We will not carry these items and will not do a transfer on one.