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The Testing Range  at White Shark Arms is a safe (and dry) place to test your firearms, test run a firearm before you make a purchase, learn to sight-in your rifle or get your trigger pull tested, and to learn how to shoot through our NRA certification classes. 

The lanes are 25 meters long, and we currently have 4 booths running. They are available by reservation using this Book Now link, or by calling the Pro Shop at (808) 769-5044. We also take walk-ins but your spot isn't guaranteed if you walk in. 

What can you shoot here?
If it is legal to own and safe to fire, you will probably be able to use it at the range. All firearms will be inspected for legality and safety - we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. The trap can handle up to 50 caliber BMG but we don't allow it for noise reasons. The calibers allowed will be limited to .45 during the day (until 4pm) for the respect of our neighbors.   

Also, if you are shooting a shotgun, we only allow slugs due to safety reasons. 

Who can shoot? 
You must be 18 and over and you must be in compliance with all state and federal laws. You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Youth under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and may be limited in what firearms they can use. To test fire or do target practice you MUST have a Legal state , federal, or military ID or a passport and sign a waiver and compliance of range rules.  

Do I need to be a registered firearm owner or have a license?

No, you do not have to be a registered gun owner. You just need to have an ID (as stated above). If you are a novice, just let our staff know so that they can let the Range Safety Officer know that you may need a little more assistance. 

How much will it cost? 
Please jump to our Membership page to see prices for Membership Plans and our Day Rate.

Can I just watch? Do you allow spectators?
No, for safety reasons, we do not allow spectators. This is a LIVE FIRE range, which means that live amunition is being used. If you want to watch, you still need to pay the Day Rate fee.