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The State of Hawaii has a unique system of laws in place for the acquisition of firearms.  Here is a brief outline of what is required by the State of Hawaii. This process is required for ALL firearms acquired in the state of Hawaii, whether you purchased it from a local FFL dealer, via a licensed auction/internet dealer or just want to buy it from a friend.

You will need it to register the firearm with the HPD.


You will need the following documentation prior to completing the application. The application must be completed at the Firearms Section of the HPD.

  1. Valid photo identification.
  2. Permit to acquire application.
  3. Firearms questionnaire form.
  4. Mental health waiver form.
  5. Medical Waiver form.
  6. Fingerprint card. (First time in-state purchase and FBI fingerprinting fee.)
  7. Background check. (Background check includes, but is not limited to, warrant checks, local and national arrest history, local and national criminal history, local and national criminal convictions, any pending cases and TRO's.)
  8. Original Hunters Education card or an original Handgun Safety Training Course Affidavit. (Handguns only)
  9. Proof of U.S citizenship if born outside the United States.

Once you have had your Permit to Acquire approved, after the 14 DAY waiting period, you must pick up the permit at the Firearms section of the HPD immediately. The permit is only good for 6 Days after it has been issued. If you fail to pick up the application within 6 days and present it to pick up your firearm you will have to reapply and wait an additional 14 Days.

This permit is only valid for 1 HANDGUN. A permit must be issued for EACH handgun that you purchase.


The process to acquire a permit for a long gun is simpler. You do not need a certified safety/hunters education certificate. The permit for long guns is also valid for 1 year  and is valid for any long guns purchased in that 1 year period.

The following are needed when applying for a permit to acquire a shotgun or rifle:

  1. Valid Identification
  2. Complete an application for permit to acquire a firearm.
  3. Fingerprint card. (First time in-state purchase and FBI fingerprinting fee.)
  4. Proof of United States citizenship, if born outside of the United States, such as an original Valid United States Passport, original Naturalization certificate, or original Born Abroad Birth Certificate

For both permits you will only need to be fingerprinted once. There are currently no fee for the application of permits.


All firearms in the state of Hawaii must be registered. For firearms purchased by anyone in Hawaii. The process is as follows.

After purchase or acquisition of the firearm return to the HPD Firearms Section no later than 5 calendar days with the following.

  1. Valid photo identification.
  2. Your original firearms permit.
  3. The firearm for inspection.
  4. Complete the firearms registration form and sign the firearms registration card.

You are now officially done with the process of acquiring a firearm in the state of Hawaii. Please not e that no matter how the firearm is acquired you must have a “Permit to Acquire”. Even if your parent, friend, relative wants to give it to you, you must apply for the “permit to acquire” so you can legally register it.

For firearms acquired in ANY STATE OTHER THAN HAWAII:

Please have a valid photo identification and proof of citizenship, if born outside the United States, bring proof of citizenship such as an Original US Passport, Original Naturalization Certificate, Original Born Abroad Certificate, or if you are in the military your Enlisted (ERB) or Officer (ORB) Record Brief will suffice only if the document states you are a United States Citizen.

Here is a link to the HPD Website for a more detailed explanation of the HRS 134 that the state of Hawaii firearms community is governed by:

Here is a link to the actual law created by the Hawaii State Legislature:

These laws and procedures can definitely be confusing. Please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help. Forms will be available for download in the near future so you will have exactly what you need when going to the HPD. Even if we are not allowed to provide official forms, voided/redacted copies will be posted so you will know exactly what forms to fill out and in what order.