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  • 4-person teams
  • Create your own, or if you are an individual we will put you on one
  • This is a Recreation League and is for fun and is currently not ranked. Come on out and practice, learn new skills, and meet other sports shooting enthusiasts

League Night

  • Wednesday and Saturday Nights 3 times per year
  • Team vs. team Match-ups
  • 25 rounds per person each week to complete the task
  • Match-ups will be scheduled
  • Each week has a unique course of fire
  • A hint on each week’s course of fire will be provided weekly so you can prepare
  • Watch how you and your team will improve over the 8 weeks


  • $20 per person league registration fee ($80 per team to sign up)
  • $5 per week, per person ($20 per team each week to compete)
  • If you have a member that can’t make it, you can schedule a substitute

League Benefits

  • Range discounts of $12 for a single shooter, $15 for two shooters
  • Immortalization on our leader board
  • Competition
  • Camaraderie
  • Bragging Rights
  • Awards at the end
  • All discounts go for the length of league and then some

A Few Rules

  • Any Centerfire pistol (9mm min and 5.5” max barrel)
  • No optics, lasers, or lights
  • Factory Ammo only
  • Minors must be on the same team as a legal guardian
  • All other range rules must be followed
  • All firearms used in competition will be inspected and approved by WSA staff

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