White Shark Arms
White Shark Arms
White Shark Arms
White Shark Arms

Finals: League Members had to make their way through a maze and shoot three targets. One rifle, and two pistol targets. Fun times and the competition was crazy good. 

The FINAL SCORES are below :)

Just The Tip  
MM 206
LW 0
JE 120
DP 207
Total 533
Team PewPew
TB 0
RE 0
Sarah 0
Amy K 0
Total 0
Lone Wolves
SS 0
CH 209
JV 0
J 0
Total 209
Bullet Busters
CM 195
CR 220
NM 192
MM 174
Total 781
Team Who?  
Cam 0
Jess 0
David R 0
Jenn R 0
Total 0
Team USDA  
TM 175
F 180
Raffy 0
Total 355


First Place Bullet Busters
Second Place Team USDA
Third Place Just The Tip
Fourth Place Lone Wolves
Fifth Place Team Who?
Sixth Place Team PewPew
Bullet Busters CM and CR
Just The Tip MM and DP
Lone Wolves Chance
Team Who? David R
Team PewPew Amy K